Thursday, April 17, 2014

While walking around the Prelinger Archive in San Francisco, we did and did not find this cat…


While walking around the Prelinger Archive in San Francisco, we did and did not find this cat…


The Amphitheater by lauren fowler on Flickr.


hey so all you guys who just got accepted to UCSC who laugh at how it’s the “worst UC”, yeah fuck u just come and visit here before you make an ignorant statement. you’ll find that it’s MAGICAL

bungh0les said: SIR is 100$ but is waived if your application fee is waived :)

oo thanks! :)

Anonymous said: Will they cancel my admissions offer if I drop a class?

Q: Do you count all courses that I’m enrolled in?

A: We count any course that falls under the ‘a-g’ subject areas (college-prep courses), including any college courses in which you have enrolled. Since we are a selective campus, exceeding the minimum course requirements is something we consider when making our admissions decisions.

Q: I’ve dropped a class. Will I be canceled?

A: If a student changes their courses from what was listed on the application, they are required to notify the Office of Admissions in writing at It is impossible to say what the result would be from a dropped class in the senior year because each student’s record is unique, so the results can differ among students.


Anonymous said: Do you happen to know how much the SIR deposit is?

i want to say that there isn’t an SIR deposit, but there are fees that are due upon submitting. What those fees are… I don’t remember (it’s been a long while).

Anyone have an idea?

Anonymous said: What can solidify a cancellation of admission? I've been accepted to ucsc but got caught in a party where other people were drinking and the campus cop got my ID but I was let go with my friends. Why happens from there?

one of the things off the top of my head is: failing a class.

since you’re not officially a student, I don’t think you getting caught at a party will cancel your admission.

i’ll look into this more & create a post. does anyone else know?

Friday, March 28, 2014

youremygirljennay said: For the anon majoring in Legal Studies, Merrill is the college where the legal studies department is located, but just about any college is great for that major.

gratifyingconundrum said: Hey, I just got accepted to UCSC as a freshmen and my major is Legal Studies. Do you have any info on that department? Please and thank you

I’m not too familiar with that department. Can any followers major or minor in Legal Studies provide any info? :)

Watching ridiculousness and saw a video filmed at UCSC. While trying to find it… here’s a unicycle video!